Video AQUA IMPROMPTU 13 min. ready for Screening

AQUA IMPROMPTU HD Video 13 min.  by Ebba Jahn 2019

It is a video collage centering around flying drops, in space and on earth, along with coloured rivers, a sense of curiosity, joy and hommage.
Watching extreme summer weather, outside the filmmaker's window under construction in Berlin inspired the impromptu video. Her scenery and sound recordings are intertwined with memories of selected film-, video and photo materials from colleagues and agreeable archives.
Nature sound combined with Paul Hubweber's Trombone Variations and the vocal music piece Neptune's Bellows by trio Sverdrup Balance tie all elements together.

First comments from contributors:
Experimental vocalist Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg from Belgium:
"The video is excellent, off the wall and deep."
Signal processor and former professor Lawrence Casserley from UK: "The film is lovely - a beautiful strangeness rooted in reality."
"Das Video ist echt gut geworden - so schön mysteriös," says photographer Gudrun Arndt.

Filmfestivals and screenning spaces find it on FilmFreeway  but have to request the password by email to EbbaJahn.

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