Spot for PAPER PAIRS & TROMBONE Vimeo VOD Premiere 4. Oktober 15:00 Uhr



4th of October 2020 I'll begin screening some of my short films on Vimeo,
first Sundays of the month at 15 Uhr - and it looks like you have to sign up...

I invite participating artists, contributors and viewers to join me then for a group gathering, q & a, a hang out during the screenings and after in the new Ebba Video ChatRoom on my facebook most likely with image and/or chat, answer questions, make/take comments, or else ...
you'll receive the exact info - by mail
also EbbaJahn@aol.com

First film up is PAPER PAIRS & TROMBONE 26'
Infos in several languages can be found on this blog.

I had to try out Vimeo's spot-making-program:

Filmseite auf Vimeo
Entweder mit Frei-Code via GoFundMe Spende oder "Eintritt" von 1,70 €
pre-order possible, sign up for emails also, if you need a free code, send a message.


Film festivals and other video exhibition occasions still have a priority, since they  show large formats or have a larger audience as online festival edition now - they prefer premiere status of films...

The booking dept. is wide open for gigs.
This filmmaker comes with a beamer to screen and converse live.

Crowdfunding is also in place for this purpose - give some if you can, or want a program, please. Without the crowd jumping in it's presently not possible otherwise, so please take a look or share:

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