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PAPER PAIRS KÖLN | Landmann-31, ART PASSAGE in Landmannstr. 31 | 17. Juni - 9. Juli

Bruce Brooks /Dwayne & Ebba Jahn /Hans Kohl /Christine Pohl
Paper Pairs, initiiert von der in Berlin lebenden Filmemacherin und Künstlerin Ebba Jahn, versteht sich als offene Ausstellungsreihe.

Für dieses eindrucksvolle Projekt hat Ebba Jahn ihr bekannte KünstlerInnen eingeladen, zwei abstrakte Arbeiten auf Papier im Format ca. 40 cm x 30 cm beizusteuern - Paper Pairs / Papie-Paare - rahmenlos sollten sie sein für Installationen auf weißem Grund.

Nach einem bemerkenswerten Auftakt in Berlin gastieren Werke von zwanzig KünstlerInnen aus Deutschland, Holland, Österreich und USA nun erstmalig in Köln.

In der ART-Passage Landmann-31 täglich zu sehen ist eine Vielfalt an Bildern in Ausdruck, Formen und Farben - gemalt mit Aquarell, Acryl und Ölfarben, auch Mischtechniken aus Papier, Graphit, Filzstift und anderen Materialien wie Rotwein und Rost.

Obwohl abstrakt, finden sich in den Arbeiten das Meer, Landschaften, Kunstgeschichte, Organisches, Geometrie, Bewegung, Stille und Gedanken wieder - die Paper Pairs treten in einen visuellen Dialog...

17.06. bis 09.07.2017, täglich von 10 - 22 Uhr

Landmann-31, Art Passage Landmannstr. 31, 50825 Köln-Neuehrenfeld

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Ronald van den Boogard takes on Paper Pairs

Mixed Media
30 cm x 40 cm
Ronald van den Boogard, 2017
Early spring. Wednesday morning 7.23. There is a loud banging on my door. Sleep-drunk, I worked late the night before with the companionship of 47 Monkeys and a fever tree, G&T, I open the door. A bewildered Ebba Jahn is there with a request. Would I participate in a group show in Berlin?

This off course did not happen. She just sent me an email, but as this article is totally void of any drama, it seemed a good idea to add some.
The request was simple. Make two abstract works on paper of 40 x 30 centimeters which are a pair.

Very seldom do I do requests or abstracts. Ms. Jahn had seen some elements in my representational work that by itself are abstract. This observation turned the question into a challenge.

Size is undisputed and despite the fact I could bore you to death with the differences, weights, manufacturing methods, feel and so forth of paper, it is singular: paper in the end is just that. Not hard to get either.
Remain the real challenges: abstracts and pairing two works.

The Refuge
Mixed Media
30 cm x 40 cm
Ronald van den Boogaard, 2017

The most common definition of abstract is: my X-year old can do this. Where X is any number between two and six. There are many others, but the simplest is off course that abstract art is void of any representation. From here it leads to many -isms and other sub divisions. Recently I heard the term meditational abstracts, which was new to me.

I had not done any abstract work for well over a decade, but I am a professional so I should be able to achieve a minimum quality. It turned out to be a lot harder than expected. The first tries were not up to my self imposed standards. The third attempt at a pair of drawings I deemed good. Later on I was told that I wasn’t the only one going through this process of failure.

What constitutes a pair? Two pieces which are similar? That would be the most obvious answer. Two opposites also make up a pair. A single piece cut in two. A question and an answer. There are numerous other possibilities.
Design by Ronald van den Boogaard

Twenty two artists from four countries were facing the same challenges. The only requirements set in stone are the size and paper. The abstract and the pairing question are answered in a multitude of techniques. Painting, drawing, collage, digital, encaustic. Each applied their own handwriting and each had their own approach to the Pair.

Couple this with a variety of backgrounds, regional, cultural and gender differences it should not come as a surprise that the “Paper Pairs” show exhibits a very wide array of solutions. Yet there is a great coherence within this diversity. A conspiracy to be similar in difference or vice versa.

The format has given me the incentive to continue with abstracts as an addition to my work and most certainly more pairs will come out of my hands. I am sure that my companions in this show will suffer similar after effects. Just as I am sure that we are all proud to be part of the “Paper Pairs”.
Design by Ronald van den Boogaard

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Exhibition PAPER PAIRS - Friday Specials until May 26

Jeden Freitag ab 12 h bis mindestens 15 h werde ich, Ebba Jahn, in der Ausstellung für Gespräche und Ankäufe zur Verfügung stehen, nach Vereinbarung auch länger und an anderen Tagen, oder wenn es sich ergibt...

I will be at the exhibition every Friday from 12 h -15 h and longer by appointment, or on other days - just mail to info @

Freitag 12. Mai / 12 h
Ayse Domeniconi und Bernhard Leue

Freitag 12. Mai / 16 h Helga Schönfeld wird anwesend sein und gern über ihre Arbeiten sprechen.

Freitag 19. Mai / 12 h Ebba Jahn

Freitag 26. Mai /13 h  Artfinder Meet-Up
Ein Treffen von intl. KünstlerInnen, die auf der Online Plattform Artfinder einen shop haben.

Freitag 26. Mai /16 h - 20 h FINISSAGE
zu der einige ausstellende Künstler und Künstlerinnen anwesend sein werden - alle sind willkommen.  

Viele der Paper Pair Arbeiten sind mit Preisen hier zu sehen. Ankäufe sind möglich über email,via Paypal an oder per Banküberweisung.

All available works can be found here with prices.
Email or payments possible via Paypal to or bank account nr. by request.

Freitag 28. April
Sein erster Gallery Weekend Besuch führte den Kölner Galeristen
Martin Kampmann (Galerie Daneben) zu Paper Pairs.

Freitag 5. Mai /13 h

kam Beatrice E. Stammer aus Berlin zu einem meet & greet mit artist talk.


Berlin PAPER PAIRS | Arbeiten auf Papier I - V, April 20 - May 31, 2017

INVITATION to the Vernissage of
PAPER PAIRS | Works on Paper I-V
Thursday April 20, 2017 at 6 pm

Monday to Friday open from 9 am - 3pm +
by appointment with me, Ebba Jahn, organizing curator of this exhibition.
Every Friday I will be available starting at 12 o'clock,
with open end until the last person has left.
Contact me:


Für diese Ausstellung hat Ebba Jahn ihr bekannte KünstlerInnen eingeladen, zwei abstrakte Arbeiten auf Papier im Format ca. 40 cm x 30 cm zu zeigen - Paper Pairs / Papierpaare.
Zusammengekommen ist eine Vielfalt an Bildern in Ausdruck, Formen und Farben - gemalt mit  Aquarell, Acryl und Ölfarben, auch Mischtechniken aus Papier, Graphit und anderen Materialien wie Rotwein und Rost.
Obwohl abstrakt finden sich in den Arbeiten das Meer, Landschaften, Kunstgeschichte, Organisches, Geometrie, Bewegung, Stille und Gedanken wieder-
die Paper Pairs treten miteinander und den Betrachtern in einen visuellen Dialog...

      II. Plakat(ge)schichten von Gudrun Arndt


                           IV. Recent Drawings by Dwayne Jahn

                         V. Woven Paintings and small works by Ebba Jahn


Dank an die Sozialkasse des Berliner Baugwerbes die
Ebba Jahn Arts ihre Galerie zur Verfügung gestellt hat.

Galerie, Berlin-Lichtenberg, Lückstr. 72 - 73
S-Bahn Station Nöldnerplatz 
mobil 0157 7429 2122

Für Presse > PAPER PAIRS here
Biographien + Artist Statements are available.


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8/03/2016 - New Gallery Store Ebba Jahn Arts

Acylic on Paper
Frame 24 x 33 cm
Ebba Jahn, 2016

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Ultramarine Minimal #3
Pigments and Binder
Ebba Jahn, 2016

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Ausstellung dADA im Hopf in Köln bis 22.September

GALERIE daneben
Lindenstrasse 99, 50674 Köln,
0179 73 43 064 | Mi 18-20 Uhr | Fr 18-20 Uhr Sa 12-16 Uhr oder nach Vereinbarung
noch bis 22. September 2016.

"...mir ist so dADA im Hopf!"
Mail Art Projekt - Künstler*innen gestalten Arbeiten zu 100 Jahren DADA...


Berlin: UebereckArt Invitation 10./11.Sept.

Ebba beteiligt sich mit einem KunstStand
am Sa.10. + So. 11. September von 12 h -ca.18 h
im 1. Hof der Köpenicker Str. 175 , 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg



4. ÜbereckArt im Forum Kreuzberg, 9. - 11. September 2016
Eine Initiative der Künstler im Forum Kreuzberg
Kunst ● Musik ● Workshop ● Kulinarisches
Kindertheater ● Wohnzimmerfenstertheater
Eintriit frei

Köpenicker Straße 173 / 174 / 175
Eisenbahnstraße 22
10997 Berlin - Kreuzberg
U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof , Schlesisches Tor, Bus 147


OFF THE EASEL / Ebba Jahn shows recent small paintings series

Intensity I The Pit I Meiotic I Indigo
Mixed Media on Paper in Passepartout 21 cm x 30 cm
Ebba Jahn

Are you coming via Off The Easel? On this blogger site you can look through my posts and see more works and infos.
Also you find out where they will be exhibited. 

ll my works - wherever you see them - are available for online purchase via email to
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DEUTSCH: Frisch von der Staffelei kommen 25 kleine abstrakte Malereien, alle im naturweißen 21 cm x 30 cm Passepartout. Obige Webseite wird sie vielleicht bald alle auf klaren Seiten zeigen, ich muss sie nur erst einstellen.

Alle meine Arbeiten, egal wo sie gesehen werden, können durch eine mail an direkt von mir bestellt werden. Zahlung möglich mit Paypal und Bank. Fragen werden auch beantwortet.


Ongoing / Ausstellungen mit €uro-Projekt 2016, Ebba Jahn

Geld strecken - Finanzloch stopfen
Gouache auf Papier im
21 x 30 cm Passepartout
Ebba Jahn, 2016

“Das Euro-Projekt” initiiert von Peter Mück, eine Crossart Gruppenausstellung 2016:

Galerie Rolf Hartung, Köln 9. April - 4. Mai

Kunsthalle LohmART, Gruppenausstellung Crossart “Impressionen", Lohmar 13. - 16. Mai

Ebba Jahn, Schau I Fenster Ausstellung
17.5. - 6.6.

Nächster Termin: 
Galerie KoKo, Wien 24. Okt. - 9. November 2016


Collage Wabi-Sabi I Tempera on Paper 41 x 56 cm by Ebba Jahn

Collage Wabi-Sabi
Painting on Paper reconstructed
41 x 56 cm
Ebba Jahn 2016
375 €/$
Wabi-sabi, a Japaneses view, is the art of finding beauty in imperfection. It celebrates cracks and crevices, rot and all the other marks that time and weather and use leave behind. To discover wabi-sabi is to see the singular beauty in something that may first look decrepit and ugly.
This collage has some of it, I think, and I started to like it in the working process .

Deconstruction - Reconstruction: It consists of one painting on paper, one of the first I made with self-mixed pigments and binders.
The composition is completely changed , three layers of paper are partly on top of each other plus the cardboard its glued upon and backed by for framing (strong enough.)

The painting pieces were ripped not cut - I wanted these edges. Wet layering and glueing is quite a technique for creating a collage of thick papers - my experienced collage art-buddy taught me how to do it, but he also ripped accidentally the paper on the top and bottom. "Oh, no problem" he said, it becomea part of the work !... (He took it a little too lightly I thought at first).

When it all had dried I could have cut it off, but I started to like it. Now I'm hoping others see some beauty in this rough piece as well - so here we go wabi-sabi ...

16" x 22" / 41 cm x 56 cm

Worldwide free shipping
Materials used:
pigments, binder, glue, papers
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Organic - in 21 x 30 cm Passepartout Series by Ebba Jahn

14 x 20 cm in 21 x 30 cm
Watercolor on 300 g paper
Ebba Jahn, 2016

 "Organic" is part of my present daily practice of creating a contemporary abstract work for this
"in 21 x 30 cm Mount" series.

The earthy tones, a bright yellow and orange, layers and texture as well as the interesting overall shape of this watercolor painting makes it a god fit for this series.

The mount / passepartout has a natural white color (acid-free) with a very light structue, and an angled clean cut of . It fits into a standard frame for Din A 4 / 21 x 30 cm / ca. 8.5" x 12".
I'll add a hanger which can be attached to the back of the mount for immediate hanging.

Free Shipping Worldwide.

See it in  my gallery shop


Group Exhibition RUND with Ebba Jahn in K 200, Berlin 10.12.2015 - 11.01.2016

           Opening 10. Dec. 2015, 19h / Friedrichstr. 200, Berlin
            63 artist show their round artworks.
         A catalogue is available.


Floating I 35 x 45 cm / 14" x 18" by Ebba Jahn

Photo: Ebba Jahn

End of 2014 I started using tempera paints - powdered pigments mixed with binders by myself.

Tempera on Paper
14" x 18" / 35 cm x 45 cm
Ebba Jahn, 2014
250 €/$
I started out with "dry" bold brushstokes, while following an inner rhythm.

In June 2015 tons of dead fish were floating on Berlin's waterways.
I dedicated the painting, which was already titled FLOATING to the scandal.

As of today, it is called FLOATINGS and detached from the scandal mentioned above.
It is an expressive, contemporary bold brush work with an organic feeling, also available in my shop at Artfinder or by mail.


Woven Painting #32 sold, #31sold, #33 by Ebba Jahn

Woven Paintings #32 sold, #31 sold, #33
Aquarell & Gouache, 18 cm x 13 cm
in 3 separate 30 cm x 21 cm natural white Passepartouts
Ebba Jahn, 2014

The first two sold out of my carried portfolio at the crossart exhibition "Afterwork" at gallery
Lohnhalle Niebuhrg in Oberhausen, Germany 1. - 31. Mai 2015
They were also in three "Crossart Kunstpaten Portfolio" Presentations:
"Tatort Kunst" Alte Feuerwache, Melchiorstr. 3, Köln / Cologne
18.03. - 22.03.2015
Montecristo, Gran Canaria, Spain, 19. Nov. - 3. Dec. 2014
Freising, Germany in August 2014

 75 $ / € shipping included for #33 - mail to