#STAY HOME... Video by Ebba Jahn | HD, 1 min., Germany 3/2020 in various exhibitions and film festivals | update 28.11.2020

#STAY HOME... by Ebba Jahn | Video HD 1080, 1 min., Germany 2020

This is my first artistic response to COVID-19 social distancing requirements in Berlin. How make a film in this shutdown situation? For this video, expression could find a different way via 15 seconds of animation footage which I found freely available with a creative commons licence by Elena Babicheva from Moskau - thanks a lot!
I could stretch the length so it may give viewers a whole minute of awe and encouragement while moving through their own present disturbances – at least the filmmaker finds her lockdown vibes colorfully reflected and enjoys distributing it now...

The music Zauberschule comes also freely licensed out of my editing program and was mixed with electronic sounds from my archive.

Film Festival Premiere:

 One Minute Video Intl. Section

 2. Prix - 7000 Dirhams award winner. THANK YOU












Selected | Curated | Invited by:

The Nomadic Art Gallery in New Zealand
which had the first inspiring art call - thank you! 

Curated by Rob Warren, UK
A diverse multi arts online exhibition in four galleries... definitely worth several looks!



Saarbrücken, Germany [online]
Eugen Georg

Congratulations for a prize received for
curating sodafestival.


    The New Museum of Networked Art 
    Director - Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

    New Media Fest 2020    

    Has several artistically very interesting short
    videos and it is still growing...


     ... and programs are networked including Ebba's 
   from California:
Torrance Art Museum


    Aufruf/Call zu einem kollektiven Filmprojekt
    der Filmwerkstatt Münster

    WE'M.Zine - Dagna, Maria

    1111 Gallery Budapest, Hungary 

    Lacuna Festivals

    organised and curated by
    Sarah-Jane Mason & Simon Turner


For this festival I'm creating several works, I'm very happy to participate actively as an artist in this event, which has to go from Fuerteventura and Lanzarote online instead in end of June. Stay tuned...

< This Laurel came July 1st, 2020
from the Alternative Film Festival ALTFF in Toronto, Canada

Quarantine Section 
Ultra short films

Best 1-Minute Experimental

#STAY HOME... by Ebba Jahn
Lullaby for a Pandemic by Gwendolyn A. Foster
Stock Footage Terror Trip by William Stancik
Here 'til June by Melanie Futorian


Contact filmmaker / artist / curator / videographer Ebba Jahn in Berlin
email: EbbaJahn (at) aol.com

#stayathome #theviewfromhere #staysafe and most of all #staycreative #shortfilms #videopoetry


Video FOG HORNS by Ebba Jahn | SIRENAS DE NEBLINAS | Festival updates for December 2020

  FICE Festival Internacional de cine Ensenada Buenos Aires
12-19 Dec 2020
The festival will take place virtually on the www.octubre.tv platform.
The premiere and the closing ceremony will be in-person in Ensenada.
David Mason's poem was translated into Spanish by the Dominican-American poet Rhina P. Espailla.


Festival intern. du film de Nancy 28. Aug.- 6. Sept. 2020


We see a webcam surveillance video of a harbour entrance on a foggy day in Cuxhaven, Germany. A sound of a fog horn extends into film music, a contemporary composition for his trombone by Paul Hubweber.
Ships come in slowly and the first stanza of the poem "Fog Horns" by poet David Mason from Colorado appears slowly and in writing first.These three elements - webcam image, poem, trombone music - appear in the video as if they were always meant for each other...
Fog Horns by Arthur Dove, 1929
16.4.20 - Poet David Mason has just retired fom work as professor at the English Department Colorado College in Colorado Springs USA:

I asked him what I could say during the Cadence Festival Zoom Hang event on 4/18?

"You can say I'm proud to have my poem featured in your film. I wrote the thing some years ago, while looking at a painting called Fog Horns by Arthur Dove.

Somehow I fell into five-syllable lines with some rhymes.
I enjoyed the way the form encouraged me to break out of simple logic into mood.

I'm in Tasmania, now - my home for rest of life..."
Fog Horns by Arthur Dove, 1929
The painting also visualizes the first three fog horn sounds of the video. Paul Hubweber heard it and while seeing the still silent rest of the film, he chose from his archive his composition Trombone Parts from Ab und Auf for the video.
                  Looking forward to the European Festival Premiere at:
28.8. - 6.9.20
Labo section program I 


15.8.20: FOG HORNS was selected by Videobardo - the Videopoetry Festival in Buenos Aires.
I'm delighted that we'll be able to create a Spanish video version.
The great poet RHINA P. ESPAILLAT has translated the poem for this video.

                                                            Buenos Aires, Argentinien 2020

VideoBardo, founded in 1996 will be realised throughout the year in different cities and venues around the world and at a CENTRAL WEEK in Buenos Aires, Argentina on dates to be defined.

UPDATE 11/2020: Videobardo postponed to 2021.


The World Film Festival Premiere took place Saturday 19th of April, 2020 - due to lockdowns online for 24 hours in the program Better Left Unsaid at


Better Left Unsaid
Not silent, these video poems emphasize language as an auditory experience, a graphic experience, and a cultural experience. A dying language left untranslated, constraints leaving language limited, and limited language leaving emotional threads through found and filmed footage—this screening leaves room for inference and poetic impressions.

April 19 at 7:30pm PST



Selfie with Tuba - Pinguin Moschner | Video Collage by Ebba Jahn


Photo by Pinguin Moschner


After all his gigs were cancelled due to lockdowns, German tuba player Pinguin Moschner worked on a tune for a tuba-solo and recorded "tilbake" (engl. return). Performed with touching virtuosity it inspired me to make a video collage with it, so we collaborated online between Opladen and Berlin, Germany starting end of April 2020.

                                                             Now on MOPOMOSO TV #6

Please check it out and find  all programs...

Also in Cinema K until November 20, 2020

See the video also here, Nr. 77 in a row of 200 artistically interesting short videos

 New Media Fest 2020  

Poetry Video FUNGI PAIR 3 min. by Ebba Jahn with a Composition by Paul Hubweber

Now on MOPOMOSO TV #6 the internet show for imrovised Music:

                                                                     The Poetry Video:

Fungi Pair by Ebba Jahn | HD 3:18 min. |  2020, Germany
Two rare fungi bloom into unusual beauty. Stanzas of the poem A Mushroom is the Elf of Plants by Emily Dickinson appear in text form, accompanied by a contemporary composition for multiple instruments by Paul Hubweber entitled Zellen - cells. 

The music was recorded 1995 at Stadtgarten Köln/Cologne by Bull's Eye Ensemble, composed by Paul Hubweber who also played trombone on the piece.

The mushroom is called phallus luteus and grows probably only in Korea.

The film - I found one minute of fast time lapse video material with a license to use by Apro Choi from Korea. This found footage I slowed down to ca. 3 minutes.

Emily Dickinson
lived from 1830-1860. Please see this wikipedia link to learn more about this important American poet.


BALM Music Video by Ebba Jahn with Paul Hubweber, Sascha Oetz


This year’s edition must be held online on FESTHOME.
127 short films from 27 countries were selected!
Now the Festival Premiere of BALM will not take place in Naples, Italy but online and will be featured in the festival section CORTISSIMI | SHORT SHORT FILMS

The subscription price for viewing the entire festival on FESTHOME is only 3 Euros to cover the cost of the streaming experience.
BALM Music Video by Ebba Jahn | HD 2:17 min. | Germany 2020
From a cd album in progress titled
from Paul Hubweber's series HeimArtLieder

Music Title
Paul Hubweber - trombone
Joscha Oetz - double bass

Recorded in Cologne/Köln 24.02.2020 by
Markus Braun

Bill Couch - camera
Concept   Editing  Video Production
Ebba Jahn (c) 2020 

Jean-Michel van Schouwburg writes:
White waves of clouds are hanging in the air and move forward like a lava of foam above hilly industrial suburbs.
From nowhere the voice of the trombone cleaves the space invisible like the echo of the lava moving with the help of a ghostly double bass.
A surreal wordless song blowing masses of white dreamy water cells hiding the daily labour ...

First comments:
Andrew C: I love it
Dwayne J: Das Video ist melancholisch, dennoch entspannend, angenehm :-)
Yoko M: I could enjoy it a lot

Ulrike H: Ziemlich apokalyptisch....gefällt mir.

Ingo P: Sehr schön. Minimal mit nur 3 Einstellungen. Die erste ist die beste. Am aufregendsten ist die Fliege links in der Dritten:-) Wo ist das gewesen? Musik passt auch dazu. Hätte gern länger sein dürfen, die erste...

Lawrence C: Beautiful! I remember being in the San Francisco Bay Area and seeing the cloud flowing from the Pacific over the coast hills just like that.
BALM is now visible parallel to the accordi film festival and the HOMESONG cd release by Paul Hubweber!
If not, festivals, artspaces, writers, interested supporters can mail for a private password to watch this video on Vimeo or FilmFreeway Just send a mail for a password to Ebba.

Paul Hubweber           Joscha Oetz 
Photo Credit: Hubweber Archive

is available now via PM to Paul Hubweber


BRIDGING IT video 4 min. by Ebba Jahn with music by Paul Hubweber

BRIDGING IT by Ebba Jahn, Germany 2020, HD 3:37 min.
Music title: HOLDE HEC by composer and trombonist PAUL HUBWEBER

The collage video  compiles, without words, distinctive connections over water, along with original music, which rise above time, distance and present troubles.

Composer and trombonist Paul Hubweber re-worked his 80s music title HOLDE HEC, for his new 2 cd album WARM AUSGEZOGEN > get a taste of it on the bottom of this post...

Ebba Jahn edits some of her favorite cc archival findings of bridges for it, among them an excerpt of the avantgarde 16 mm Bolex film SIDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE by German/Canadian Paul Winkler, which she had seen as a film student at her favorite intl. short film festival in Oberhausen, Germany, 1978.

A correlation between multitracks in Winkler's film images and Hubweber's music recording emerges, adding to the video's groove.

Artspaces, film festivals, programers
receive  the password for viewing BRIDGING IT on Vimeo and on FilmFreeway from Ebba
upon request...

Festival appearances:








EXSv6 Postponed to
2.-3. November 2020
Novi Sad / Serbia


Film available only to the Trouville, France               International short film market and its video library to be held during the festival from September 7. - 11.2020.






Last but not least - related

Album - Above you see a Paul Hubweber video production of his album warm ausgezogen, now available in a small edition of which video BRIDGING IT, now on the film festival circuit, is proud to have the first track Holde Hec.
To order a copy of his great album email Paul Hubweber

DVD - Recently experimental filmmaker and professor Ingo Petzke contacted Ebba. He could tell her, that Paul Winkler, who is now 81 years old, is still living in Australia making films - and he likes a scene from his film Sidney Bridge from 1977 included in Bridging It.
Ingo Petzke has founded RED AVOCADO FILM and also released a DVD with many of Paul Winkler's films including the complete 13 min. film Sidney Bridge.



PLANETARY FUMAROLE - Sverdrup Balance | HD video by Ebba Jahn 3:51 min.

Teaser mopomoso digital edition #5

Video by Ebba Jahn, HD 3:51 min., Germany 6/2020

This video is inspired by a call for audio / video works from a music composition festival  themed "Planetarium",  created with original music by trio Sverdrup Balance - consisting of vocalist Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg from Belgium, pianist Yoko Miura from Japan, and  signal processor instrumentalist with Lawrence Casserley, a former professor for music in the UK.

For a floating journey through space I enjoyed researching images with licenses available to me and chose scenes, which were mainly created by JuliusH from Germany.

For the first time ever hear the voice of the man in the moon...



New on Vimeo VOD (1,70 ):

DVD Limited Edition of ../50

Each cardboard case is individually filled,  sprayed, numbered and signed on the back by Paul Hubweber and Ebba Jahn, who designed it.



The available formats:

1.) DVD-R with mpeg-4 /.mp4  running on computers and in some newer DVD-Players worldwide.

2.) Upon request a DVD-R with mpeg2-DVD format can be sent. It plays on DVD-players with  DVD-R capacity as well, but so far everybody preferred mpeg-4.

The disc-top was thermo-printed which made it a little shiny.

Die Filmbesprechung von Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg ist eingelegt auf deutsch und englisch, der Text auch auf diesem Blog zu finden  >>:

Translation / Übersetzung aus dem Französischen von Beate Blasius, redigiert von Claudia Blasius.

The  review in English by Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg.

Translated from German to English by Ebba Jahn.

The origanl art for this inlay card consists of an encaustic work by Ulrike Hasenburg.

The backside of the card is of use while you are watching the DVD. It helps to follow, whose works are in the picture.


Buy a unique DVD via email to Ebba Jahn and receive Paypal invoice and Postbank IBAN,
or use my music shop EJProjects on