Poetry Video Weekly | Poesie Videos mit Gedichten von Rolf Persch, Vertonung von Paul Hubweber, Video Collage Ebba Jahn

Each Sunday, a new poetry video will be published until the end of the year 2021. English speakers will find a translation of poems under the video on Vimeo.

#1  dankesch├Ân  https://vimeo.com/588902053
#2  begabung      https://vimeo.com/590557638

This project was initiated by composer, trombonist, guitarist Paul Hubweber with some support for his excellent soundtracks by 



The video montage was made possible by the support of
K├╝nstlerinnenstipendium Film/Video 2021
by the Senatsverwaltung of Kultur und Europa Berlin

The complete video production financing is still in the works, donations to this or other fundraisers are welcome and go into a longer video and its distribution:                                                                   https://ko-fi.com/EbbaJahnVideos

Robert Sukrow - Paul Hubweber

Robert Sukrow is on many soundtracks the poet's voice actor and he wrote:
(German original below)

Rolf Persch. That is not me. He is not me. Already a common ground. A few years ago, Paul Hubweber introduced me to the witty and sometimes absurd texts of the author Rolf Persch († March 5, 2015). His witticisms, but also some punch lines that only become apparent after a second listen (I myself am not excluded), convinced me to follow Paul's idea of becoming a kind of Persch recitation machine together with him. So we called ourselves the Perschings, freely, yet respectfully, tampered with Persch's works, gave them melody, a new dress, voices, noise. Trombonist and improviser Paul made me sing, disguise voices and scold, made me be a voice for someone who is no longer there and yet is. The project was an enrichment for me. No one is Rolf Persch but Rolf Persch. Video artist Ebba Jahn has created image montages/videos with our sound files that will be shown here with kickoff on Sunday, September 5 and then (for now) every Sunday at 12 noon. But, enough of my words. Sunday is Rolf then, the old plum.

Rolf Persch. Das bin nicht ich. Er ist nicht ich. Schon eine Gemeinsamkeit. Vor wenigen Jahren lernte ich durch Paul Hubweber die geistreichen, teils aber auch absurden Texte des Autoren Rolf Persch († 5. M├Ąrz 2015) kennen. Sein Wortwitz, aber auch manche Pointe, die sich erst nach dem zweiten H├Âren erschlie├čt (Ich selbst schlie├če mich da nicht aus), ├╝berzeugten mich, Pauls Idee nachzukommen, zusammen mit ihm eine Art Rezitatonsmaschine Perschs zu werden. So nannten wir uns die Perschings, vergriffen uns frei, dennoch respektvoll an den Werken Perschs, gaben ihm Melodie, ein neues Kleid, Stimmen, Ger├Ąusch. Posaunist und Improvokateur Paul brachte mich zum Singen, Stimmen verstellen und Schimpfen, brachte mich dazu, eine Stimme zu sein f├╝r jemand, der nicht mehr da ist und es doch ist. Das Projekt war eine Bereicherung f├╝r mich. Keiner ist Rolf Persch au├čer Rolf Persch. Die Videok├╝nstlerin Ebba Jahn hat mit unseren Soundfiles Bildmontagen/Videos geschaffen, die mit Startschuss am Sonntag, 5. September und dann (vorerst) jeden Sonntag um 12 Uhr hier gezeigt werden. Aber, genug meiner Worte. Sonntag ist Rolf dann, die alte Zwetschge. 



Videos FUNGI PAIR 3 min. by Ebba Jahn with a Composition by Paul Hubweber

Diorama Room Presents
Tune into Green
Short Film Series
Winter Program
starting November


Festival Appearance

July 2 - August 1, 2021

Included in Programs

MOPOMOSO TV #6 the internet program for improvised music

2. The Poetry Video:

Fungi Pair by Ebba Jahn | HD 3:18 min. |  2020, Germany
The first video of both.
Two rare fungi bloom into unusual beauty. Stanzas of the poem A Mushroom is the Elf of Plants by Emily Dickinson appear in text form, accompanied by a contemporary composition for multiple instruments by Paul Hubweber entitled Zellen - cells. 

The music was recorded 1995 at Stadtgarten K├Âln/Cologne by Bull's Eye Ensemble, composed by Paul Hubweber who also played trombone on the piece.

The mushroom is called
phallus luteus and grows probably only in Korea.

The film - I found one minute of fast time-lapse video material with a license to use by Apro Choi from Korea. This found footage I slowed down to the film length.

Emily Dickinson
lived from 1830-1860. Please see this wikipedia link to learn more about this important American poet.

Another's View of the Universe | Video Poem by Ebba Jahn, HD 4:00 | 6.2020 | 9th Intl. Video Festival 2021/2022 | filmpoetry.org

The title's source:
Only through art can we get outside ourselves
and know another's view of the universe
which is not the same as ours...
Marcel Proust

It consists of found poetry in free form also called cento*, combined with animations depicting the universe by Julius H from Germany, and accompanied by improvised music by the intl. trio Sverdrup Balance.
For the first time ever hear the voice of the man in the moon...

See it here: filmpoetry.org  | Video Art 2021

This short film has further developed from an  answered call for a music video by a composition festival in Romania with the theme "Planetarium", with original music by trio Sverdrup Balance - consisting of experimental vocalist Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg from Belgium, pianist Yoko Miura from Japan, and signal processor instruments with Lawrence Casserley, a former professor for music from the UK .

*A cento is a poetical work wholly composed of text passages, here sourced from six writers and artists by Ebba.

Quotation by Hans Jean Arp in Another's View of the Universe
Video Poem by Ebba Jahn, HD 4:00 | 6.2020

SCREENINGS next and ongoing:
4. German Film Festival Premiere:

3. Film Festival Premiere:
9th Intl. Video Poetry Festival Athens, Greece 


Collection Nr. 192









 1. Lacuna Festival Cabaret 2020


 First Film in the cabaret hour


Lacuna Festivals Distance 2021 | July 2nd - August 1st | 4 Videos by Ebba Jahn

From the Canary Islands comes the 3rd Lacuna Festivals for Contemporary Art, with this year's theme Distance and it will mainly have to take place online, but if you are on Lanzarote or Fuerteventure you will find some art events there as well. Check www.lacunafestivals.com for ALL events, programs and infos.

It's my second year with them - 3 works were possible per artist and these videos all fit with the theme in their own way. The 4th, Celestial Particular, was entered as poem video by Dwayne Jahn.

Please see infos about films in posts below

Ebba Jahn


Goethe in Train | Goethe im Zug | Train Ride Duet | 3 versions of 1 video by Ebba Jahn

Three versions I made of this found footage one-take shot during lockdown time and titled it Train Ride Duet. Since I appreciate Paul Hubweber's music I asked him for a soundtrack and voila, we had a music video.

Later I heard about a Goethe poetry video call in Th├╝ringen. I picked J.W. Goethe's 12 liner poem Sei im Leben wie im Wissen and titled the film Goethe im Zug.
For international screenings I translated it and placed each English line under the German line, so both languages can be read while listening to the music and looking out of the train window on to the sea.
I like the idea of reading Goethe in a train with a beautifully swinging jazzy duo playing a composition by Stevie Winwood.
So now it's a one-take video, a music video, a train-movie and a poetry video all in one....
It will have its premiere at Lacuna Festivals for Contemporary Art_Distance 2021. The film festival premiere will take place at SeeMor Film Festival on Anglesey UK.

 2. July - 1. August 2021
   This music and more tracks are available on a cd Album here >> in my discogs store.

CELESTIAL PARTICULAR poem by Dwayne Jahn, music Paul Hubweber | poetry video by Ebba Jahn 3'

Think Short Interview about the video with EJ.




Next Festival Appearance:
July 2 - August 1, 2021


Latvia in April 2021


Solos for Encaustics | Video Collage by Ebba Jahn with Oxford Improvisers and Paper Pairs by Ulrike Hasenburg, 5:30 min

A women's arts interplay with images and recordings by the Oxford Improvisers in this order of appearance:

Suzanne Healey - tone woods
Jill Elliott - viola
Clare Woodham - bass clarinet with Emma Wellings - djembe 
Camilla Cancantata - vocals, piano
Rosalind Bleach - viola
Lizzy Spight - vocals, flute, dance
Nini Sakhri - piano, gongs, soundscape, vocals

Encaustic Paper Pairs by Ulrike Hasenburg

Video Collage by Ebba Jahn
5:30 min. HD 3/2021

Next Festival Appearance
July 2 - August 1.,2021




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EKPHRASES poetry video by Ebba Jahn

Odile Kennel         Photo: Verlagshaus Berlin
Her poem: Nach Pasargada /german and engl.


Charlotte Keeffe


Mopomoso TV June Edition, premiere June 20, 2021

with a brief outro Zoom conversation between Ebba Jahn and Charlotte Keeffe who is also a team member of Mopomoso.

the online MASS Magazin in March included Ekphrases

 Sunday March 21,2021 World Poetry Day - an online screening.

Photo: Paul Steuber

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Kulturbunker K├Âln 1.-13.+19. Juni | FR├ťHER TAU Paul Hubweber & Pinguin Moschner | MOUTHWIND | 2 Videos by Ebba Jahn |

K├ľLN - Kunst gegen die Wand

Programm mit



 from the series HeimARTlieder
Paul Hubweber - Trombone
Pinguin Moshner - Tuba

Video Duett by Ebba Jahn 2'



PAUL HUBEWEBER SHOWCASE | 11 Music Videos / Short Films by Ebba Jahn | Stream...Ticket


HOMESONGS HeimARTlieder Selfie-Video Duets by Paul Hubweber
Shortfilms with his music by Ebba Jahn.









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Photomontage by Ebba Jahn with a Paul Hubweber Photo by Rudolf Sukrow

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JAZZ DAY 30. April | Paul Hubweber in Ebba Jahn Videos

We'll have the premiere of Train Ride Duet 5', with truly jazzy music played by Paul Hubweber - trombone and Joscha Oetz - double bass. Hear them in this video, also see them play in Abbey Duet.

New is a Paul Hubweber Showcase with some videos openly published for the first time  - 11 short videos to freely choose from for