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HOMESONGS HeimARTlieder Selfie-Video Duets by Paul Hubweber
Shortfilms with his music by Ebba Jahn.









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Photomontage by Ebba Jahn with a Paul Hubweber Photo by Rudolf Sukrow

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JAZZ DAY 30. April | Paul Hubweber in Ebba Jahn Videos

We'll have the premiere of Train Ride Duet 5', with truly jazzy music played by Paul Hubweber - trombone and Joscha Oetz - double bass. Hear them in this video, also see them play in Abbey Duet.

New is a Paul Hubweber Showcase with some videos openly published for the first time  - 11 short videos to freely choose from for


SMILE - Paul Hubweber Trombone | Video 2:56 min.

Paul Hubweber Trombone
Composition Charlie Chaplin
for his film Modern Times, 1936

Rec 2021 - Jan - 22
Alte Brauerei - Napoleonsberg - Kornelimünster

Final Video Production in Berlin 
HD 1920 x 1080 | 2:56 min.
Ebba Jahn 


DAS WANDERN... | Paul Hubweber Posaune & Pinguin Moschner Tuba | Video von Ebba Jahn


 ...ist des Müllers Lust
From Paul Hubweber's series HeimARTlieder

Paul Hubweber - Trombone
Pinguin Moschner - Tuba

Video Duett by Ebba Jahn 4'

FRÜHER TAU | Paul Hubweber & Pinguin Moschner | Video Ebba Jahn


  from the series HeimARTlieder
Paul Hubweber - Trombone
Pinguin Moshner - Tuba

Video Duett by Ebba Jahn 2'

Abbey Duet | Paul Hubweber & Joscha Oetz | Video by Ebba Jahn | CD Album HOMESONGS - Rezension / Review

Abbey Duet

From cd Album HOMESONGS
Paul Hubweber - Trombone
Joscha Oetz- Double Bass

Video Duet t by Ebba Jahn 3'


CD Rezension in Kölner StadtRevue von Felix Klopotek 2/2021 (english below)
Paul Hubweber/Joscha Oetz Homesongs (Nurnichtnur/Berlston) Bereits erschienen 

Jazz. Genau hingucken: Die meisten dieser Stücke sind bereits am 24. Februar 2020 eingespielt worden, einige wenige live am 13. September. »Homesongs« verweisen also nicht auf die deprimierende Situation, Musik derzeit nur im Homeoffice der eigenen Seele hören zu können. Umgekehrt: Hubweber, der Posaunist, und Oetz, der Kontrabassist, gehen vom »Home« aus, von einfachen Liedern, »Horch, was kommt von draußen rein«, oder Blues-Klassikern (Blind Faith!), die sie - oder vielmehr: wir alle - aus ihrer Kindheit und Jugend kennen, Lieder, die wir zu Hause gehört haben, Ablagerungen von Melodien und jener Art Swing, die man dann »Ohrwurm« nennt

Diese Ohrwürmer verwandeln Oetz und Hubweber lakonisch und ohne falsches Sentiment in knappe Skizzen, denen nichts fehlt, in Lieder, mit denen man sich wieder der Welt öffnet und nach draußen geht, sich der eigenen Geschichte sicher ist und bereit, neue Erfahrungen zu machen. Ja, das ist »traditioneller« Jazz - aber im radikalstmöglichen Zugriff gespielt. Keine Scheu vor Melodien, nur spielen sie sie gleich sam nackt: in offener Form und in einem minimalen Setting, in dem man nichts verheimlichen kann. So lässig, wie Hubweber und Oetz auf treten, haben sie tatsächlich nichts zu verheimlichen

Wer unbedingt Referenzen braucht, der sei auf ein imaginäres Meeting von Charlie Haden und Roswell Rudd verwiesen, die einst im Tosen des Free Jazz für die Schlichtheit der Form eintraten. Hubweber und Oetz kommen aus dem Tosen der Kölner Jazz- und Improvisationsszenen und schauen mit staunender Schlichtheit auf die Welt - optimistisch. Felix Klopotek 

In meinem shop gibt es die besprochene CD HOMESONGS:

Review engl. translation: Felix Klopotek in Kölner StadtRevue 2/2021:
HOMESONGS Paul Hubweber / Joscha Oetz Homesongs (Nurnichtnur / Berlston)

Already publishedJazz. Look closely: Most of these pieces were recorded on February 24, 2020, a few live on September 13. “Home songs” do not refer to the depressing situation of currently only being able to listen to music in the home office of your own soul. Conversely: Hubweber, the trombonist, and Oetz, the double bass player, start from the »Home«, from simple songs, »Listen, what's coming in from outside«, or blues classics (Blind Faith!), which they - or rather: we all - know from childhood and youth, songs that we heard at home,
deposits of melodies and that kind of swing that is then called "catchy tunes".
Oetz and Hubweber laconically and without false sentiment transform these catchy tunes into short sketches that don't lack anything, into songs with which one opens up to the world again and goes outside, is sure of one's own story and is ready to make new experiences. Yes, that is »traditional« jazz - but played with the most radical possible approach. Not afraid of melodies, they just play them naked, as it were: in an open form and in a minimal setting in which nothing can be concealed. As casual as Hubweber and Oetz appear, they actually have nothing to hide.
Anyone who absolutely needs references should be referred to an imaginary meeting
between Charlie Haden and Roswell Rudd, who once advocated the simplicity of form in the roar of free jazz. Hubweber and Oetz emerge from the roar of the Cologne jazz and improvisation scenes and look at the world with astonished simplicity - optimistically. (Translation Ebba Jahn)

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Video FOG HORNS by Ebba Jahn | SIRENAS DE NEBLINAS | Festival updates for December 2020

We see a webcam surveillance video of a harbour entrance on a foggy day in Cuxhaven, Germany. A sound of a fog horn extends into film music, a contemporary composition for his trombone by Paul Hubweber.
Ships come in slowly and the first stanza of the poem "Fog Horns" by poet David Mason from Colorado appears slowly and in writing first.These three elements - webcam image, poem, trombone music - appear in the video as if they were always meant for each other...
Fog Horns by Arthur Dove, 1929
16.4.20 - Poet David Mason has just retired fom work as professor at the English Department Colorado College in Colorado Springs USA:

I asked him what I could say during the Cadence Festival Zoom Hang event on 4/18?

"You can say I'm proud to have my poem featured in your film. I wrote the thing some years ago, while looking at a painting called Fog Horns by Arthur Dove.

Somehow I fell into five-syllable lines with some rhymes.
I enjoyed the way the form encouraged me to break out of simple logic into mood.

I'm in Tasmania, now - my home for rest of life..."
Fog Horns by Arthur Dove, 1929
The painting also visualizes the first three fog horn sounds of the video. Paul Hubweber heard it and while seeing the still silent rest of the film, he chose from his archive his composition Trombone Parts from Ab und Auf for the video.
                  Looking forward to the European Festival Premiere at:
28.8. - 6.9.20
Labo section program I 


15.8.20: FOG HORNS was selected by Videobardo - the Videopoetry Festival in Buenos Aires.
I'm delighted that we'll be able to create a Spanish video version.
The great poet RHINA P. ESPAILLAT has translated the poem for this video.

                                                            Buenos Aires, Argentinien 2020

VideoBardo, founded in 1996 will be realised throughout the year in different cities and venues around the world and at a CENTRAL WEEK in Buenos Aires, Argentina on dates to be defined.



The World Film Festival Premiere took place Saturday 19th of April, 2020 - due to lockdowns online for 24 hours in the program Better Left Unsaid at


Better Left Unsaid
Not silent, these video poems emphasize language as an auditory experience, a graphic experience, and a cultural experience. A dying language left untranslated, constraints leaving language limited, and limited language leaving emotional threads through found and filmed footage—this screening leaves room for inference and poetic impressions.

April 19 at 7:30pm PST



Selfie with Tuba - Pinguin Moschner | Video Collage by Ebba Jahn


Photo by Pinguin Moschner


After all his gigs were cancelled due to lockdowns, German tuba player Pinguin Moschner worked on a tune for a tuba-solo and recorded "tilbake" (engl. return). Performed with touching virtuosity it inspired me to make a video collage with it, so we collaborated online between Opladen and Berlin, Germany starting end of April 2020.

                                                             Now on MOPOMOSO TV #6

Please check it out and find  all programs...

Also in Cinema K until November 20, 2020

See the video also here, Nr. 77 in a row of 200 artistically interesting short videos

 New Media Fest 2020