SOLD Weaving #5

Weaving #5 / sold
Watercolor 3.35" x 4.9" / 12,5 x 8,5 cm
in 18 x 13 cm mat
Ebba Jahn, 2013
16.8.2014:  With an unusual interest, a Berlin visitor with his family stopped at my artmarket booth today. He was mesmerized by the layed out small weavings. It was a pleasure to see how his eyes started to sparkle. Then he asked detailed questions about how I weave them, how I decided on the colours, how I find the inspiration, how I cut. He knew what was involved through an exhibition he had seen at the Modern Museum in Bozen / Bolzano, Italy, where a live textile hand weaving took place next to a machine doing the weaving - and he had noticed a huge difference in the results and learned appreciating hand weaving, I assume. Finally he decided on this weaving, against the will of his daughter who wanted the red :-)
From now on #5 will live in Bavaria.