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Miniature Paintings #1 - #7 I Gouache on Paper and Wooden Blocks 80 x 50 x 10 mm by Ebba Jahn

Mini #2 sold
Miniature #4, #3, #1

Mini #3
Mini #5,  #6,  #7

Miniatures on Blocks #1 - #7
Gouache on 300g paper
mounted on 80x50x10 mm mdf wooden blocks       

Initially inspired by cigarette-machine projects in Germany and the US, I began making these miniatures.I offer them here, on facebook, and some at my Daily Paintworks Gallery:

Bids by mail are accepted for all of them to 
Latest 7 days after the first bid, the auction will close  and a Paypal invoice or my account nr. will be sent. I'll keep you posted in the meantime.