New Music Film by Ebba Jahn IDEA - MINIATURES BY IMPROVISERS 67 min., 2022

German Premiere at 16. UNERHÖRT Musikfilm Festival
September 8th, 2022 / 19:00 h
B-Movie, Brigittenstrasse 5, 20359 Hamburg Sankt Pauli

This is a free-style music film, a video collage, a tour de force of improvisations by musicians from mainly the UK and Germany in an audio-visual dialogue with Ebba Jahn. The result is a shrill, flashy, colorful, touching video collage full of different approaches to sound and image and the world. 

I asked all improvising musicians I had worked with in recent years to send me up to 3 single minutes of music with or without video / images for the creation of this music video collage - it was an inspiring delight to receive and work with them...

The premiere will take place at Germany's oldest and most interesting music film festival in Hamburg.


Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg a vocalist in and about the film:

Improvised music and sound art are so much a collective – collaborative form of art, or a way of living in a spontaneous music process created in the moment. Looking and listening at different times at all these one minute short video collages brilliantly conceived and contributed by all the artists involved convince me that the interconnections between all these different creative souls is the best part of this sound/image experience. It makes me think about the fact that there is no musical or theoretical definition or category in that kind of musical – artistic practice.
It is by far better to let your own mind and imagination fly and flow through these sounds and visuals without trying to guess who is doing what and why. Nobody knows.... It seems that by now there is a huge number of fascinating artists beyond recognition involved in the “NOW” music performance.
IDEA - Miniatures by Improvisers seems to be a wonderful example of this approach, the brainchild of Ebba Jahn, a staunch believer in such creative fringe music and its unknown connections with visuals, videos, any sort of graphic art, or vice versa.

The miniatures show us the musician in action at an unusual angle or with a metaphoric poetic visual alluding to the musical flow.

Her visionary catalyst idea was to offer a carte blanche to these improvisers and artists involved from UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, etc....

This actually works magnificently although Ebba Jahn had no preconceived ideas about what she preferred to display in her project; mainly a deep trust in the soulful and subtle energies and visions of the many performers, musicians, artists and her own video artistic approach are key to the viewer's experience. The realities and ephemerals of improvised music and sound flow in unscripted dialogue – interactive connections with what we see in these fantastic odd 54 video miniatures.