HerbstPoesie I Watercolor 6" x 7.5" / 15 cm x 19 cm

6" x 7.5" / 15 cm x 19 cm Original
Ebba Jahn
under still loose Passepartout / mat
24 cm x 30 cm / 7" x 11.8"

                            Welcoming fall - inspired by an old German song - translated by Ebba:
                                                         Colorful are forests already
                                                         Yellow the stubble-fields
                                                         And the autumn begins
                                                         Red leafes are falling
                                                         Gray fogs are rising
                                                         Cooler blows the wind.

 Nach der 1. Strophe des alten deutschen Liedes "Bunt sind schon die Wälder" gemalt:

                                                          Bunt sind schon die Wälder
                                                          Gelb die Stoppelfelder
                                                          Und der Herbst beginnt
                                                          Rote Blätter fallen
                                                          Graue Nebel wallen
                                                          Kühler weht der Wind

The ORIGINAL is available at my Daily Paintworks Gallery - or send a mail.

Beautiful selfmade giclee prints in different sizes on 21 cm x 30 cm are available too - email for info to info@EbbaJahn.com