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Ebba Jahn Arts
Artfinder.com/ebbajahn international art platform has now about 140 original paintings by Ebba and drawings by Dwayne. Each painting has a good looking page.

Pixels.com/profiles/EbbaJahn.html and FineArtAmerica are my same shop for offering worldwide various prints on several surfaces. You can individually pick the size and paper or canvas, including frames and more. Offered are my artworks in great print quality at very affordable prices, you'll see the choices by clicking on any image  And if you want, I order it for you from 
http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/ebbajahn.html  Great Print Options of Original Artworks, and here an image of sold ones:


While there, check out my son's Digital Artwork:
On my Photo Blog you find a photo series in progress One At A Time.

www.EbbaJahn.de is an older website and includes a filmography with links to my film infos.
Short videos made of jpegs of our art can be watched on Vimeo.
Discogs EJProjects DVDs & related rare CDs shop which developed through my Jazzfilm Rising Tones Cross. 

Ebba Jahn Arts facebook page - if you "like" my new "fan page" you receive  infos incl. my public appearances & you help to bring up the number:-)
You can also follow now our new uploaded artworks on

Twitter: @EbbaJahn

Instagram: @EbbaJahn

My former blog EJProjects
up until ca. 2012 functions as archive.

EbbaJahn.com leads momentarily to this blog.

Please email to Ebba Jahn for all questions you might have and know, that you can order any work you see by sending a mail

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