Solos for Encaustics | Video Collage by Ebba Jahn with Oxford Improvisers and Paper Pairs by Ulrike Hasenburg, 5:30 min

A women's arts interplay with images and recordings by the Oxford Improvisers in this order of appearance:

Suzanne Healey - tone woods
Jill Elliott - viola
Clare Woodham - bass clarinet with Emma Wellings - djembe 
Camilla Cancantata - vocals, piano
Rosalind Bleach - viola
Lizzy Spight - vocals, flute, dance
Nini Sakhri - piano, gongs, soundscape, vocals

Encaustic Paper Pairs by Ulrike Hasenburg

Video Collage by Ebba Jahn
5:30 min. HD 3/2021

Next Festival Appearance
July 2 - August 1.,2021




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