EKPHRASES poetry video by Ebba Jahn | Film Festival Premiere at ZEBRA Film Festival in Berlin 25.-28. Nov 2021, Urania

Odile Kennel                  Photo: Verlagshaus Berlin
Her poem: Nach Pasargada /german and engl.


Charlotte Keeffe

4. Jazzwoche-Hannover.de 2.-8. Oktober2021
Kino im Sprengel 3. Oktober

5. Film Festival Premiere
25.-28. November 2021
Berlin in Urania

6. SonderBlue Film festival
postponed to June 2022
New York City, online


3. Mopomoso TV June Edition,
premiere June 20, 2021

with a brief outro Zoom conversation between Ebba Jahn and Charlotte Keeffe who is also a team member of Mopomoso.

2. The online MASS Magazin in March included Ekphrases

 1. Sunday March 21,2021 World Poetry Day - an online screening.

Photo: Paul Steuber

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