FLUX SURREAL 8 min. by Ebba Jahn

Proposed by the new Monk Film Festival in Italy, Ebba Jahn took the opportunity to choose one of the suggested music works to make a video with - it is "La scalata" by double bassist Nello Toscano who plays the cello here and mixed it with additional man-made sounds.

Someone on the move through "lost places" came to her mind, so she worked with collages by Stefania Buzatu to create this flux of sur-real experience, with images of a surrealism that grew within its existence of 100 years now.

Nello Toscano: In fact, the steps and breathing were recorded during a climb on the crater of Etna and the cello was recorded afterwards. The meaning of the (music) piece is twofold and therefore represents a real climb on the volcano but also the effort to reach a goal that escapes you and, philosophically, 'the existential effort of becoming'.

Nello Toscano