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Acylic on Paper
Frame 24 x 33 cm
Ebba Jahn, 2016

Yay, 15% Openingweeks rebate in August 2016

EbbaJahn.tictail.com  is the link to my newest gallery
store Ebba Jahn Arts.
It has a clear design, a shopping cart integrated with Paypal, bank transfer is also possible, and it works well on mobile and desktop.You can even chat with me (I believe).

Ultramarine Minimal #3
Pigments and Binder
Ebba Jahn, 2016

Paintings on my selfmade handmade paper will be available here.

At EbbaJahn.tictail.com  I'm the only curator, CEO, and artist.
No sign-up is necessary, nobody is between your and my email.

If you want to follow my new artworks in this shop, send a mail to info@EbbaJahn.com and I might send a mail per month with new works and new perks, meaning rebates, or my exhibition dates.

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