Video by Ebba Jahn PAPER PAIRS & TROMBONE Paul Hubweber in Copenhagen


ANNOUNCEMENT #6:                                                                        Painting by Jeff Schlanger 

We are stoke to announce that Freedom Music Festival vol. 4 will host a very special multimedia experience, PAPER PAIRS Group Painting Exhibition / Video / Live Duo Performance.

Immerse yourself in abstract works on paper size 30 x 40 cm by over 20 artists from Germany, the Netherlands and New York - curated by Ebba Jahn (known for creating the 1984 cult free jazz documentary "Rising Tone Cross", which we screened last year). See the German master trombonist Paul Hubweber in action on screen, playing, concentrating, walking and stopping along the artworks, using them as inspiration for his improvisations - thoughtful, soulful - gracing PAPER PAIRS with his outstanding multifaceted trombone solo performance - film directed by Ebba Jahn. Hear live improvisation to Paul Hubweber's solo performance on screen by the Freedom Music Festival's own double bass player, Tomo Jacobson. And finally engage yourself in the seamless blending of the video and live duo set by Paul Hubweber in person and Tomo Jacobson again. Does that even make sense in writing? Cause it so much does as one of the Freedom Music Festival's highlights - to experience in person!

Photo-Album Copenhagen