BALM Music Video by Ebba Jahn with Paul Hubweber, Sascha Oetz

BALM Music Video by Ebba Jahn | HD 2:17 min. | Germany 7/2020
  From an album in progress with the working title HeimArtLieder

Music Title

Paul Hubweber - trombone
Joscha Oetz - double bass

Recorded in Cologne/Köln 24.02.2020 by
Markus Braun

Bill Couch - camera
Concept   Editing  Video Production
Ebba Jahn (c) 2020 

Jean-Michel van Schouwburg writes:
White waves of clouds are hanging in the air and move forward like a lava of foam above hilly industrial suburbs.
From nowhere the voice of the trombone cleaves the space invisible like the echo of the lava moving with the help of a ghostly double bass.
A surreal wordless song blowing masses of white dreamy water cells hiding the daily labour ...

First comments:
Andrew C: I love it
Dwayne J: Das Video ist melancholisch, dennoch entspannend, angenehm :-)
Yoko M: I could enjoy it a lot

Ulrike H: Ziemlich apokalyptisch....gefällt mir.

Ingo P: Sehr schön. Minimal mit nur 3 Einstellungen. Die erste ist die beste. Am aufregendsten ist die Fliege links in der Dritten:-) Wo ist das gewesen? Musik passt auch dazu. Hätte gern länger sein dürfen, die erste...

Lawrence C: Beautiful! I remember being in the San Francisco Bay Area and seeing the cloud flowing from the Pacific over the coast hills just like that.

We'll see, when and where a premiere can take place - stay tuned right here...
Until then, festivals, artspaces, writers, interested supporters can mail for a private password to watch this video on Vimeo or FilmFreeway.
Just send a mail to Ebba.

Paul Hubweber                Joscha Oetz 
Photo Credit: Hubweber Archive

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