Videos FUNGI PAIR 3 min. by Ebba Jahn with a Composition by Paul Hubweber

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Festival Appearance

July 2 - August 1, 2021

Included in Programs

MOPOMOSO TV #6 the internet program for improvised music

2. The Poetry Video:

Fungi Pair by Ebba Jahn | HD 3:18 min. |  2020, Germany
The first video of both.
Two rare fungi bloom into unusual beauty. Stanzas of the poem A Mushroom is the Elf of Plants by Emily Dickinson appear in text form, accompanied by a contemporary composition for multiple instruments by Paul Hubweber entitled Zellen - cells. 

The music was recorded 1995 at Stadtgarten Köln/Cologne by Bull's Eye Ensemble, composed by Paul Hubweber who also played trombone on the piece.

The mushroom is called
phallus luteus and grows probably only in Korea.

The film - I found one minute of fast time-lapse video material with a license to use by Apro Choi from Korea. This found footage I slowed down to the film length.

Emily Dickinson
lived from 1830-1860. Please see this wikipedia link to learn more about this important American poet.