#STAY HOME... Video by Ebba Jahn | HD, 1 min., Germany 3/2020 in various exhibitions and film festivals | update 09.01.2021

#STAY HOME... by Ebba Jahn | Video HD 1080, 1 min., Germany 2020

This is my first artistic response to COVID-19 social distancing requirements in Berlin. How make a film in this shutdown situation? For this video, expression could find a different way via 15 seconds of animation footage which I found freely available with a creative commons licence by Elena Babicheva from Moskau - thanks a lot!
I could stretch the length so it may give viewers a whole minute of awe and encouragement while moving through their own present disturbances – at least the filmmaker finds her lockdown vibes colorfully reflected and enjoys distributing it now...

The music Zauberschule comes also freely licensed out of my editing program and was mixed with electronic sounds from my archive.


9. January 2021 Online from Florida, USA













Film Festival Premiere:



 One Minute Video Intl. Section

 2. Prix - 7000 Dirhams / 650 € award winner. THANK YOU









Selected | Curated | Invited by:

The Nomadic Art Gallery in New Zealand
which had the first inspiring art call - thank you! 

Curated by Rob Warren, UK
A diverse multi arts online exhibition in four galleries... definitely worth several looks!



Saarbr├╝cken, Germany [online]
Eugen Georg

Congratulations for a prize received for
curating sodafestival.


    The New Museum of Networked Art 
    Director - Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

    New Media Fest 2020    

    Has several artistically very interesting short
    videos and it is still growing...


     ... and programs are networked including Ebba's 
   from California:
Torrance Art Museum


    WE'M.Zine - Dagna, Maria

    1111 Gallery Budapest, Hungary 

    Lacuna Festivals

    organised and curated by
    Sarah-Jane Mason & Simon Turner


For this festival I'm creating several works, I'm very happy to participate actively as an artist in this event, which has to go from Fuerteventura and Lanzarote online instead in end of June. Stay tuned...

< This Laurel came July 1st, 2020
from the Alternative Film Festival ALTFF in Toronto, Canada

Quarantine Section 
Ultra short films

Best 1-Minute Experimental

#STAY HOME... by Ebba Jahn
Lullaby for a Pandemic by Gwendolyn A. Foster
Stock Footage Terror Trip by William Stancik
Here 'til June by Melanie Futorian


Contact filmmaker / artist / curator / videographer Ebba Jahn in Berlin
email: EbbaJahn (at) aol.com

#stayathome #theviewfromhere #staysafe and most of all #staycreative #shortfilms #videopoetry