PLANETARY FUMAROLE - Sverdrup Balance | HD video by Ebba Jahn 3:51 min.

Teaser mopomoso digital edition #5

Video by Ebba Jahn, HD 3:51 min., Germany 6/2020

This video is inspired by a call for audio / video works from a music composition festival  themed "Planetarium",  created with original music by trio Sverdrup Balance - consisting of vocalist Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg from Belgium, pianist Yoko Miura from Japan, and  signal processor instrumentalist with Lawrence Casserley, a former professor for music in the UK.

For a floating journey through space I enjoyed researching images with licenses available to me and chose scenes, which were mainly created by JuliusH from Germany.

For the first time ever hear the voice of the man in the moon...


Sverdrup Balance music cd Isla Deceptión can be ordered via email to Ebba Jahn  or at discogs

This music video becomes the closing film of the esteemed mopomoso digital edition #5,
a program put together by improvising musicians in the UK.

This short film has a poetry video sister of 4:00 min. in length...