Video THE CREEK by Ebba Jahn, 2020, HD 2'

A video based on poem Lethe the river in the underworld of Greek mythology - those who drink of its water lose their memories... 

Inspired by a call from Zebra Poetry Festival in Berlin for TJ Dema's poem.

Written and spoken by Tjawangwa TJ Dema,
a published poet and educator from Botswana, Africa,
from her poetry collection The Careless Seamstress
Audio Production: Haus für Poesie / lyricline.org, 2013

Music from CD Isla Decepción - Fumarole Bay
by trio Sverdrup Balance - Jean Michel Van Schouwburg, Yoko Miura, Lawrence Casserley

Film Festival Premiere -


"The third edition of Papaya Rocks Film Festival Online Edition will take place between 22nd - 28th February 2021 at cinesco.com.
"The Creek will be shown in Block 3.

A festival pass for all days costs 10 Pound.



Film #173 in collection of 




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