TEMPERA - Artist Book Object by Ebba Jahn I Exhibition in Berlin January 8 - February 27, 2015

Book Object
Ebba Jahn 2014/15

Book Object
14 cm x 10 cm in closed cardboard box - standing 40 cm width
Ebba Jahn 2014 / 15

Exhibition 9. Jan. - 27. Feb. 2015
# TABS - Temporary Artist's Book Shop
LAGE EGAL Raum für aktuelle Kunst
Danziger Str. 145
10407 Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg

Wednesday - Friday 14h - 18h, Saturday 14h-17h

TEMPERA is a painted book object, presenting bold brush-strokes in abstract delight.
May the title inspire viewers to come up with their own words and/or meanings, e.g. tempo, temporary, temptation, or relate it to my self-made paint which is called tempera: pigments mixed with binder, a method used before contemporary ready-paints were invented.
The strong paper has an original width of 70 cm and is painted on one side, was then "accordion - folded" and lightly mounted at the top and bottom into a dark brown cardboard box, size 14 cm x 10 cm.
With the opening of the box-lid the pages start moving and can be flipped and stretched. Most of all this art book object can stand freely in a frontal upright position, then about 40 cm wide.

$ 95 / 90 € as of March 14th. via Paypal contact Ebba