Woven Painting #20 I Gouache 11" x 11"/ 28 cm x 28 cm in 40 cm x 40 cm mat

Woven Painting #20
Gouache on watercolor paper
28 x 28 cm / 11" x 11"
in 15" x 15" / 40 cm x 40 cm mat
Ebba Jahn, 2013
not available (lost or stolen)
Weaving #20 is a square and the largest I made so far. You might want to turn it around on some days, which is giving the view a slightly different take - I can see the changing weather of my region in it...
The mat has a 45° cut showing a white core of the otherwise natural white mat. The back of it is of the same 1,6 mm thickness keeping it really stable.
All of my weavings' materials are acid-free and age-resistant.
My printed name on the bottom right of the photos is not part of the originals - instead I'll sign them by hand wherever you want me to.

Thanks for these comments:
"Adorable. This painting takes me back to 6 years old and learning how to weave potholders with my grandmother. Thank you for the sweet emotions this morning."
Susan E
"Simply beautiful! Yes, I can see the weather patterns in this work too!"
Pamela S