Goethe in Train | Goethe im Zug | Train Ride Duet | 3 versions of 1 video by Ebba Jahn

Three versions I made with this found footage one-take shot during lockdown time and titled it Train Ride Duet. Since I appreciate Paul Hubweber's music I asked him for a soundtrack and voila, we had a music video.

Later I heard about a Goethe poetry video call in Thüringen. I picked J.W. Goethe's 12 liner poem Sei im Leben wie im Wissen and titled the film Goethe im Zug.
For international screenings I translated it and placed each English line under the German line, so both languages can be read while listening to the music and looking out of the train window.
I like the idea of reading Goethe in a train with a beautifully swinging jazzy duo playing a composition by Stevie Winwood.
So now it's a one-take video, a music video, a train-movie and a poetry video all in one....
It will have its premiere at Lacuna Festivals for Contemporary Art_Distance 2021.


This music and more tracks are available on a cd Album here >> in my discogs store.