Floating I 35 x 45 cm / 14" x 18" by Ebba Jahn

Photo: Ebba Jahn

End of 2014 I started using tempera paints - powdered pigments mixed with binders by myself.

Tempera on Paper
14" x 18" / 35 cm x 45 cm
Ebba Jahn, 2014
250 €/$
I started out with "dry" bold brushstokes, while following an inner rhythm.

In June 2015 tons of dead fish were floating on Berlin's waterways.
I dedicated the painting, which was already titled FLOATING to the scandal.

As of today, it is called FLOATINGS and detached from the scandal mentioned above.
It is an expressive, contemporary bold brush work with an organic feeling, also available in my shop at Artfinder or by mail.