BRIDGING IT video 4 min. by Ebba Jahn with music by Paul Hubweber

BRIDGING IT by Ebba Jahn, Germany 2020, HD 3:37 min.
Music title: HOLDE HEC by composer and trombonist PAUL HUBWEBER

The collage video  compiles, without words, distinctive connections over water, along with original music, which rise above time, distance and present troubles.

Composer and trombonist Paul Hubweber re-worked his 80s music title HOLDE HEC, for his new 2 cd album WARM AUSGEZOGEN > get a taste of it on the bottom of this post...

Ebba Jahn edits some of her favorite cc archival findings of bridges for it, among them an excerpt of the avantgarde 16 mm Bolex film SIDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE by German/Canadian Paul Winkler, which she had seen as a film student at her favorite intl. short film festival in Oberhausen, Germany, 1978.

A correlation between multitracks in Winkler's film images and Hubweber's music recording emerges, adding to the video's groove.

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EXSv6 Postponed to
2.-3. November 2020
Novi Sad / Serbia


Film available only to the Trouville, France               International short film market and its video library to be held during the festival from September 7. - 11.2020.





Official Selection


Last but not least - related

Album - Above you see a Paul Hubweber video production of his album warm ausgezogen, now available in a small edition of which video BRIDGING IT, now on the film festival circuit, is proud to have the first track Holde Hec.
To order a copy of his great album email Paul Hubweber

DVD - Recently experimental filmmaker and professor Ingo Petzke contacted Ebba. He could tell her, that Paul Winkler, who is now 81 years old, is still living in Australia making films - and he likes a scene from his film Sidney Bridge from 1977 included in Bridging It.
Ingo Petzke has founded RED AVOCADO FILM and also released a DVD with many of Paul Winkler's films including the complete 13 min. film Sidney Bridge.