Stream VoD | RISING TONES CROSS, a jazz film by Ebba Jahn NYC 1984, 115 min.

Stream via VOD https://vimeo.com/ondemand/risingtonescross


This two-hour 16 mm film is a documentary composition of new jazz, New York as the city that generates it, and the musicians playing it. The thoughts of the saxophonist CHARLES GAYLE and the bass players WILLIAM PARKER and PETER KOWALD from Germany accompany the film.

RISING TONES CROSS is a nostalgia piece for some, a valuable historical document for others... The film is romantic. There is a certain appeal and charm to images of a dirtier, grittier New York. The scene, always the scene, seemed to be more vibrant and the musicians less weighed down. And the music is wonderful, compelling stuff even for people jaded about improvised music. Rising Tones Cross provides some continuity, showing how jazz survived when pop and rap and heavy metal began to fully take over the public consciousness.
Andrey Henkin in All About Jazz - NY 

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