Collage Wabi-Sabi I Tempera on Paper 41 x 56 cm by Ebba Jahn

Collage Wabi-Sabi
Painting on Paper reconstructed
41 x 56 cm
Ebba Jahn 2016
375 €/$
Wabi-sabi, a Japaneses view, is the art of finding beauty in imperfection. It celebrates cracks and crevices, rot and all the other marks that time and weather and use leave behind. To discover wabi-sabi is to see the singular beauty in something that may first look decrepit and ugly.
This collage has some of it, I think, and I started to like it in the working process .

Deconstruction - Reconstruction: It consists of one painting on paper, one of the first I made with self-mixed pigments and binders.
The composition is completely changed , three layers of paper are partly on top of each other plus the cardboard its glued upon and backed by for framing (strong enough.)

The painting pieces were ripped not cut - I wanted these edges. Wet layering and glueing is quite a technique for creating a collage of thick papers - my experienced collage art-buddy taught me how to do it, but he also ripped accidentally the paper on the top and bottom. "Oh, no problem" he said, it becomea part of the work !... (He took it a little too lightly I thought at first).

When it all had dried I could have cut it off, but I started to like it. Now I'm hoping others see some beauty in this rough piece as well - so here we go wabi-sabi ...

16" x 22" / 41 cm x 56 cm

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Materials used:
pigments, binder, glue, papers
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