Another's View of the Universe | Video Poem by Ebba Jahn, HD 4:00 | 6.2020 | 9th Intl. Video Festival 2021/2022 | filmpoetry.org

The title's source:
Only through art can we get outside ourselves
and know another's view of the universe
which is not the same as ours...
Marcel Proust

It consists of found poetry in free form also called cento*, combined with animations depicting the universe by Julius H from Germany, and accompanied by improvised music by the intl. trio Sverdrup Balance.
For the first time ever hear the voice of the man in the moon...

See it here: filmpoetry.org  | Video Art 2021

This short film has further developed from an  answered call for a music video by a composition festival in Romania with the theme "Planetarium", with original music by trio Sverdrup Balance - consisting of experimental vocalist Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg from Belgium, pianist Yoko Miura from Japan, and signal processor instruments with Lawrence Casserley, a former professor for music from the UK .

*A cento is a poetical work wholly composed of text passages, here sourced from six writers and artists by Ebba.

Quotation by Hans Jean Arp in Another's View of the Universe
Video Poem by Ebba Jahn, HD 4:00 | 6.2020

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9th Intl. Video Poetry Festival Athens, Greece 


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