Raps in Bornholm I Acrylics on Canvas 14" x 19" / 36 x 48 cm

Raps in Bornholm
Acrylics on canvas
14" x 19" / 36 cm x 48 cm
Ebba Jahn, 2013
The rape (Raps) fields were at their yellow peak in Bornholm and I had never seen anything like that before: The sun is shining upon it until the yellow starts screaming and a dark sky is happening at the same time - painting it plein air was a no brainer. Of course that brain got a little dizzy while sitting right infront of the field for some hours - now we know, that the odorous substance is poisonous, but thanks to the wind's direction it remained bearable. The painting depicts an abstract of this experience, as always are the colors of the original so much brighter...

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